Heartbroken cat refuses to leave owner’s grave 2 months after his funeral despite cold weather


There’s a lot of heartbreaking stories about pets and their companions, because of being loyal to its owners they made a lot of memories together. Just like the story of Sheikh Muamer Zukorli of Serbia.

His cat always seen every day around his grave after he passed away last November 6,2021.

Lavader shared a photo on Twitter last November 9, As you can see in the photo that his cat is staying in front of his snow-covered grave. It feels like his cat really miss Zukorli so much, even in death he want’s to be next to him no matter what.

The photo went viral and captured many peoples heart, they expressed how loyal the cat is, others said that the cat should be adopted by someone or must stay on the shelter. We all know the story of Hachiko the dog from japan who waited for his owner to return until his last breath, people said the story looks like it.

Sheikh Zukorli is the former Mufti of Serbia, he passed away last November 6,2021 because of a heart attack. His personality well-known in the Muslim community of Serbia as well as other Balkan countries.

Let’s pray for his soul and his cat to be in a good  place with food and complete assistance.


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