Guy couldn’t find a Date for the Prom, so he brought his cat instead and become his Date

We all know that prom is the best day of our school days, everyone becomes excited and gives their best to become memorable. But the big question for everyone is Whom to Bring and it needed to be someone you like, someone you feel comfortable with while enjoying the whole night.

That’s why this teen named Sam Steingard is struggling to find a date for their prom until he decided to solve his problem and bring her beloved cat as his date since he doesn’t want to stay at the prom for a very long time.

Sam’s cat is named Ruby, his family found her behind the restaurant when she was a little kitten, and became a part of their family. The lovely cat and Sam spent their life together for 10 years and she was very important to him.

Sam’s mother made sure that Ruby will look very pretty on Sam’s prom night so she brought her a beautiful dress and sparkly collar to make the outfit looks amazing.

After Sam and Ruby were finally dressed up, Sam’s mother took a photo of them like the traditional prom pictures and it looks so lovely. Sam’s sister posted it online and it quickly went viral.

Everyone was so happy and in love when they see the photos of Sam and Ruby who became the real princess on prom night. Check out their Instagram account to see how lovely they are.

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