Grateful cat “thanks” a woman who opened the door for her kittens after they lived outside all her life

The woman named Anne is a foster volunteer in Kat Zoekt Thuis means Cat Looking for Home. It’s an animal rescue organization in Belgium. The woman was informed about a shy cat who appeared one day in a cat colony.

The person who takes care of the cat colony saw that the new one was not active despite being fearful.  The cat looks so hungry and obviously pregnant. She also looks around for food and a safe place for her babies.

But after a week of gaining the mother’s cat’s trust, the person who take care of her was able to pick her up and put her in a carrier and drop her at Anne’s place.

When the cat arrives at Anne’s home, she named it Iluna and it looks so scary when she came and she has a lot of stress. So, Anne gave her time to become comfortable and have enough space to decompress because what Anne wants is for her to relax and feel safe.

“She was used to people, but being indoors definitely was new to her. We assume she used to be a barn cat and was probably abandoned when they noticed she was pregnant,” Anne shared. “She was in rough shape, very skinny, covered in dirt, and had scratches all over her nose,” Anne said.

She can see that Iluna is starting to show her affection toward her because one morning Anne wakes up and Iluna was in front of her greeting her with a head bump to her face.

Anne shared that she loves to rub Iluna’s pregnant belly. And she also said that Iluna is now eating on her own because before she will only eat if she was petting her.

After two weeks, Iluna delivered her babies smoothly in the comfy nest that Anne provides. And she allowed Anne to sit beside her during her labor.

“Iluna is one of the best cat moms I have ever fostered. She is very attentive and caring. A lot of new moms are a bit clumsy and sometimes lay on top of their babies. This never happens with Iluna, she’s so gentle with them and is always aware of where they are. If a kitten wanders off, she’s after them in no time.” With her painstaking care and unconditional love, the kittens are nursing well and growing by leaps and bounds.” Anne explained.

Iluna became very protective and caring to her little babies. Anne can sit next to them but she can’t touch them. After a week, the kittens are starting to learn how to walk, and once they’re big enough and weaned, Iluna can go back to his things before and enjoy what she loves to do.

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