Family adopts a blind cat and takes him to the shelter to find a friend he’s been longing for….

A cat named Martin was blind and lonely at home that’s why his owners brought him to the shelter to find a new friend he’s been longing for…….

The cat was a hard start in life, he was an indoor/outdoor cat with an eye infection. When his eyes condition became worse, he was not let into his home.

There was a kind-hearted neighbor who watched the cat become blind and fight for food and shelter, that’s why the neighbor took him and called for help.

Let’s adopt Global is a rescue group that saves animals globally, they took Martin and treat him. After that, they flew him to the US for his new home and humans named Raye Ann Tucker and Markeeta Tucker.

“When Martin arrived at our house we tried to introduce him to our 14-year-old Miss Kitty. Unfortunately, Miss Kitty was an only cat for 14 years and she immediately vowed to hate Martin’s guts for the rest of her life, this made blind Martin very sad. He cried outside her bedroom door every day while she stood on the other side hissing and being very angry that he existed.” Tucker said.

That’s why they decided that there was only one thing left to do, and that is to take Martin to the shelter. They explained the problem and how they wanted to adopt it but need Martin to meet the potential family member first before they brought it home.

After seeing the several potential cats, they finally found the right one and that is the two-year-old tuxedo cat. They smelled each other’s noses. After that, they named it Mr. Pinkerton and brought him home.

“I adopted him after his surgery that removed what remained of his ruptured eyes. He was a little lonely at first but we took him to the local Shelter and let him adopt a pet. Now he and Mr. Pinkerton are best buddies,” Martin’s mom wrote on Reddit.

Tucker’s paid the adoption fee and now, the two boys are now inseparable. Miss kitty begrudgingly tolerates them but it’s nothing because they have each other.

They love hanging out in the garden and also love spending their time cuddling each other.  Seems like Martin was so happy to have Mr. Pinkerton in his life.

Although Martin has a rough life before, his new owners gave him a forever home, good health, and a best friend. It’s the best life that he truly deserves.

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  1. That is one of the best stories I have heard in a long time! Bless their hearts. May they live a long and happy life.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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