Earless Senior Cat Finally Found Forever Family After Being Ignored By Many People

The senior cat was in the shelter and waiting for someone who’ll adopt him, but people keep ignoring him maybe because of his looks. But after this woman found him it suddenly fell in love to him.

Image: Molly Lichtenwalner

That girl was a graduate student named Molly Lichtenwalner who is looking for a solution to help her survive with anxiety. She was having a severe anxiety because of the car accident, she said that It’s her first time to adopt an animal just to help her with her anxiety, because no one helped her and she think that it will be comfortable if she has a furry friend.

Cat has always been part of her life because she grew up on a farm. She said that If she’s ready for a cat she would only adopt those ones that are so much hard to get adopted, those cat with special needs.

She went on Pet-finder and saw a 9 and a half year-old cat that looks different because it doesn’t have ears and she knew it was the one that she love.

Image: Molly Lichtenwalner

She talks to the Feline Rescue Association of Baltimore and ask more about the cat. There she knew that the cat lost his ears due to massive cysts and his previous owners couldn’t afford to treat him. His ears needed to be remove and as a result, Otitis is deaf.

After talking to shelter she submitted an application for him, after the adoption Otitis became happy and couldn’t stop cuddling with his forever love. He gives his mom kisses and cuddle every day.

Image: Molly Lichtenwalner

The senior cat changed Molly’s life. Otitis always guards her when she sleeps or if she’s doing anything.

Despite of being a senior cat, Otitis is playful and has a lot of energy, it feels like being deaf doesn’t bother him anymore.

Image: Molly Lichtenwalner

The cat wants to know hat his mom doing at all time, he loves belly rub so much! He became a emotional support animal to Molly because when she is having a panic attack Otitis snuggles her just to feel okay.

We can really say that animals are the one who’ll rescue us in our lowest when no one is around, they’re truly a friend who’s always there when they need them. Please help them too for giving them a forever home.


2 thoughts on “Earless Senior Cat Finally Found Forever Family After Being Ignored By Many People

  1. Dear Miss Molly, you are an angel! Otitis is an angel! You were both definitely made for each other, and I’m so happy that you both found each other! I wish I could leave you my email address somehow so that you would have a friend you could text or call whenever you need someone. I will be 70 this year and I’ve been where you were at. Hang in there sweetheart it will get better! I promise! Sending you love and hugs from me, Cooper, my orange, tabby, and Coco my little tiny, spoiled, Siamese, girly girl! And tell otitis that we love him already! ♥️♥️♥️

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