Dying kitten on the street was rescued by the kind-kearted Man and changed her life forever

The man named Mr. Avahit saw a kitten on the streets and it looks like it was in a bad condition. He quickly walked towards the cat and he found out that the cat’s one eye was missing and it really needs a medical attention.

Mr. Avahit quickly took the poor kitten to the vet where she can receive medical treatment after that, the vet said that the cat’s eye condition was very bad and they need to remove it immediately. They give her some drops and they brought her to her new home.

The kind hearted man seek for help and decided to call petfriends, hoping that they could help the poor kitten. They named her Godot and they decided to follow her progress.

After a few days, they didn’t see any improvements to the kitten, the medicine that they applied to her eye had no effect. Godot’s eyes were deteriorating and she badly needed a medical attention.

They brought her back to the vet and checked her, they found out that her eye got so big and it can start to affect her brain and surgery was the only option.

Thankfully, they performed surgery to remove her eye and now, Godot was on her way to recovery and that’s because with the help of Mr. Avahit and the vets.

Godot became happy, healthy and playful cat. She gained lots of self-confidence and reduces fear to fail. A big thanks to Mr. Avahit for giving her a new loving home and a happier life.

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