Cat’s Ears Were Cut Off, But Kind Person Made Her New Ones

Cat’s Ears Were Cut Off, But Kind Person Made Her New Ones

In August 2018, there was a cute little black and white kitten named Karma was dropped off at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. The staff members of the shelter were shocked to see that the poor kitten’s ears and part of her tail had been cut off.

“Karma arrived at the shelter with her ears and tail cut off,” Michelle Tennant Nicholson, spokesperson for the shelter, the wounds were mostly healed, but understandably, she was very frightened of almost everything, especially humans.” Michelle Tennant Nicholson, a spokesperson for the shelter.

The poor kitten looks so scared of everyone that surrounds her.

The shelter knows that they need to do something to help the poor kitten to learn how to trust people again. They found a woman who is a great foster mom who they knew would give love and support to Karma.

When they went home, Karma’s mom quickly realized that karma loved toys. That’s why she bought a lot of toys and play with Karma. They even play for almost two hours and the kitten loves every second of it.

“Our staff and volunteers fell in love with her — so much so, that one of our foster volunteers knitted Karma a hat with ears,” Michelle said.

After weeks in foster, Karma was ready and totally healed. The shelter put her up for adoption and it didn’t take long for her to find a forever home.

Her new mom knitted a set of ears that were made for Karma with love. Now, Karma is living her life happier after having a rough life before.

The shelter was not sure who was responsible for cruelly cutting off Karma’s ears and tail. But now, we are all happy for her because she has a new mom that will love her despite her appearance.

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