Cat Walks Up to Woman to Be Petted and Ends Up Having Kittens Inside Her Home 2 Days Later

In Northeast Philadelphia, a woman named Katy came across a stray cat in front of a daycare. She was a volunteer at Stray Cat Relief so she can’t leave the cat without checking it first.

“I was working that day and when I pulled up, she was just walking down the street. I didn’t have a trap or carrier or even any food, but I knew she needed help,” Katy said

Katy noticed that the cat had a large belly, she crouched down and offer her hand to pet the fluffy cat. The cat was so friendly and pregnant so Katy helps her and reach out to Stray Cat Relief and a TNR rescuer for assistance.

The mother cat looks so happy after having some attention to her new human friend, and according to Katy, the cat does not let her pick her up so she managed to be with her until the rescuers came.

Finally, the rescuers came and the cat was safely taken off the streets she was brought to the foster home and named her Priscilla. When the night has come, the cat didn’t mind the food and just relax in her new comfortable bed until she fell asleep.

“The next day, I noticed that she wasn’t eating much. She was also restless and howling. My gut was saying she was going into labor,” Katy said

Katy informed the rescue to make a nesting box, she spent much time trying to comfort the cat until she goes to bed. Katy went up because she was thinking about Priscilla. So she checks the cat and saw that Priscilla already delivered her first two babies in the early morning and soon the mother cat has six newborn babies. That’s why Katy provides supplemental feedings for the babies and a litter for the mother cat, and every time Priscilla forgot her food, Katy will place it in front of her so she can focus on herself too.

“I was feeding her while she lay and nursed because she didn’t seem to want to stop for anything. She’s an extremely sweet girl. She is constantly making biscuits and just begging for more pets. Any time I stop she’s like ‘wait, keep petting me!” Katy said.

And after a few days of nonstop caring for her six babies, Priscilla started to take a rest and get some snuggle and love with her foster mom. The mother cat was so grateful for Katy after helping her and giving her safe and comfortable life together with her kittens.

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