This adorable cat walks up to people and asks them to take him home after roaming outside for a week

An animal rescue in New York named Little Wanderers NYC received a call about an abandoned cat in the industrial parking lot in the Bronx. There was a kind-hearted worker who came across the friendly homeless cat and it started feeding him.

The homeless cat was so sweet and dirty at the same time, the worker saw that the poor cat had a slight limp on his front left paw he immediately call a rescue for help. There was a storm coming the next day so the rescuers didn’t wait any longer and quickly rescue the cat.

When the rescuer arrived, she was greeted by this very cute, adorable, and friendly cat. He cried for the rescuer’s attention and followed her around the junkyard and asking her to bring her home.

This adorable cat named Vinny was brought to a local veterinary hospital to have some medical care that he needed. Finally, he was off the streets now.

In the vet. They found that Vinny had two old but fully healed fractures and a paw wound. According to the workers at the junkyard, the cat had been traveling aimlessly outside for weeks.

The adorable and friendly cat won over the hearts of the veterinary staff. He loved being petted and would flop on his side for back scratches and extra attention. He was scared to have toys to play with, especially those with catnip.

After he received medical care, he was healed from neuter surgery and paw injury, he was finally ready to find a lovely home that will love him forever.

There was a couple who came just to see Vinny and fell in love with him. The lovely cat quickly snuggled up to them, curled up in his new dad’s arms, wrapped his paws around the arm, and rubbed his face into it.

After weeks of wandering around the streets, Vinny’s wonderful dream finally came true. So happy for this cat, he finally has a forever home that will accept him and love him no matter what.

We feel so grateful for those people who help him out of the streets.

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