The cat raised by a dying grandma refuses to leave bedside of her…

Back 2014, Alexis Hackney heard meowing from the basement of a house and she immediately investigate it. Trooper was in the wall and that’s why Alexis called her mom and sister, they had to get a sledgehammer and break the wall just to get the cat.

“She was about two weeks old. Her eyes were barely open” Alexis said.

They took the cute kitten in their home in Florida where Sarah Whaley – Hackney’s grandmother lived in, because they can’t find Troopers mother.

Sarah Whaley started to bottle feed her, she’d seat and talk to Trooper how cute and sweet she is. Then there it began, Trooper’ is the cat that has loved one woman more than anyone else in the world and that is Sarah.

Everyone can see how much Whaley loved Trooper, and Trooper loved Whaley, the whole family didn’t get a true sense of their connection until Sarah Whaley became very ill.

Sarah Whaley started going more downhill around Christmas, and they started noticing Trooper is being with her all the time.

Trooper loves to sleep on the bed with Sarah, although she has a lot of bed from around the house.

 “She was never the kind to pick up toys and move them around the house, but when my grandma couldn’t move anymore, Trooper would bring stuff to her, whatever she’d find on the floor” Alexis said

When Sarah started getting sicker and sicker, Trooper increased the amount of stuff that she was bringing, she’d go to Alexis brother’s room and just grab anything from there and put them downstairs and lay them on the floor.

Trooper’s eyes tell that she knew what was going on and she was very worried about it.

Sarah would have a panic attack sometimes and Trooper would hurry go to her side just to comfort her.

“Trooper would run in there and hop on the bed, and she would just start petting her and feeling her, and she’d calm down,” Hackney said. “When my grandmother started getting to the point where she couldn’t communicate anymore, I think that having Trooper there was definitely calming for her.”

But sadly, A few days before Sarah’s 97th birthday, she passed away, and Trooper was inconsolable Crying. She didn’t want to be around Sarah’s body. They need to take Trooper there to show her that Sarah is not coming back anymore, But Trooper ran away and got under Alexis parent’s bed. After Sarah’s funeral Trooper stopped eating, she was just walking around the house.

But now, Trooper is doing better although she still goes into Sarah’s room and leaves socks and other objects on the floor. You can really tell that she misses Sarah so much.

Cats definitely has emotion, they’re just aren’t as good as showing us as dogs are. But they definitely do love us. Let’s love and care for them. They deserve to be loved unconditionally!


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