Cat parents drive 3,500 Miles to rescue the cat of their dreams

When the couple saw the photos of this cat named Muffin on an adoption website they immediately fell in love. Bethy Campbell and her husband immediately called the rescue group Agape Fosters.

After receiving a call, the Agape Fosters sent another picture of Muffin to them with a message asking them if they were still interested.

“Then we thought, this has to happen, it’s important enough. I feel that connection.” Bethy said.

The couple was approved for adoption. So that Bethy and her husband are willing to drive no matter how far it is just to bring Muffin home to Spokane, Washington.

After four days of a road trip, they finally arrived at the founder of Agape’s home where Muffin is waiting for them.

“He far exceeded our expectations, we just walked in and he was immediately so sweet. He just let us pet him and came right up to us.” Bethy said.

When Muffin saw the couple, he purred to them and gave them reassuring nuzzles. He also allowed the couple to hug and hold him.

After spending a beautiful night in Iowa, the couple and their new family member set off for their home.

“In the hotel last night, he came up to us, watched television with us, and lay in the bed. He’s just a love bug.” Bethy said.

When they finally arrived at their lovely home, the couple slowly introduce Muffin to their other cats named Ramsey and Sagan. It took a couple of days for all the three cats to get used to each other, but now they look so happy to have each other.

This story told us that distance doesn’t matter if we really love to have it. And please don’t think twice if you want to adopt a stray, it’s a big help for them.

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