Cat only wants to have a loving home but everyone who adopts him keep brought him back to the shelter for the third time

All that he wants is to have a loving home and humans that will take care of him forever. But why do those people who adopt him keep giving up on him and take him back to the shelter?

Meet Oscar, an adorable 10 years old cat, they also named him “Unwanted cat” because this is the third time coming back to the Burton shelter in Hillfield Lane, in Stretton. Volunteers can’t believe why Oscar was brought back to the shelter by people who said they will take care of him.

The volunteers hoped it was the right time since Oscar had already been adopted two more times and the owners had always brought him back without giving any further reasons for the decision to bring him back to the shelter. The caregiver in their hearts was aware that the 10-year-old cat needed a family.

That family showed a deeply interested in Oscar, on his third time being adopted he was delighted the day he left the shelter with his new family. Sadly after a few months, the family came back to the shelter together with the unwanted cat and bring him back to the shelter.

The volunteers didn’t understand why they keep bringing back Oscar to them. Because they see that Oscar is affectionate, comfortable with everyone around him, and loves to play. So why? Why does everyone get tired of him?

The spokesperson of the shelter comes out and tells the reason why those people who adopt the unwanted cat keeps bringing them back to them.

“Oscar is on his third time with us since September, after being returned again due to his (sometimes) aggressive nature. We’re so sad to see Oscar back in the cattery and our mission is to find him 100 percent, not giving up on him forever home”

This cat is a good companion, he is outgoing, adventurous, and friendly. He purrs passionately when he sees the volunteers every morning. But sometimes he has shown an aggressive side and unpredictable moments.

Maybe Oscar wants someone who will accept him for who he is and he is looking for a home where there are no other pets or children, with an owner who is happy to let him do things and won’t try to mold him into the perfect cuddly lap cat.

For anyone who knows’s Oscar story, Please let’s help him to find a lovely home that will never get tired of him. That’s all that he needs. He desperately wants to have a forever home.

3 thoughts on “Cat only wants to have a loving home but everyone who adopts him keep brought him back to the shelter for the third time

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  2. It is sad to see a cat being treat like that because third time around all cats have a little of aggressive side that is just showing their feline so I of the genetic bloodline but it’s just a 10-year-old cat just wants a good home I wish I lived in that area because I would give him a good home

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