Cat lives in Five-Star Hotel and named after the Queen

A lovable cat has caught a lot of attention after being revealed that she is living in a five-star hotel. Lilibet the cat was named after the Queen and now she is living the life she deserve.

She was seen wandering around the classy hotel in London named “The Lanesborough” where a suite room has a value of £27,000 per night, the hotel was awarded as No.1 Hotel in London. How amazing right? only reach people can avail it!

One of the staff in the hotel named Jo Stevenson told the Daily Star that Lilibet’s name was chosen by the car committee because the Queen is living near to the hotel that’s why they named it after the Queen’s childhood nickname and they made Lilibet as the Queen of The Lanesborough. It’s so funny and cute though.

Lilbet is the second baby of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan.

The adorable cat has free run of the classy hotel, she can do everything like what queens are doing. I envy that cat, really!

Jo explains to all the staff chip in to make sure that the Queen of The Lanesborough is always happy and healthy. Although they have a cat committee they still take care of her, they have a whatsapp group so they can track her if she does go missing they can find her quickly.

The Lanesborough is a pet-friendly hotel, it means they open their heart and welcome those guests who come to stay with their pets.

The Queen is pretty chilled and a sociable cat with most type of pet. She welcomes all their regular guests, visiting guests to their outlets. They also have regular fellow fury friends that visiting the hotel, but she becomes very bubbly and active when she sees this breed and that is French bulldogs.

The luxury hotel always shares photos of Lilbet on social media, that’s why she have a plenty of fans who loves her so much!

Lilbet the Queen is living her best nine lives, really!

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