Cat hops onto lap of Girl in wheelchair and chooses her to be Family

A man named Chris Poole was rescuing and taking care of the stray cats in his area, but when he noticed a new blue-eyed feline who joined the stray cats that he was taking care of he knows that it also needs help.

“Apartment complexes usually get lots of stray cats at the dumpsters as well as cats that are left behind when people move out,” Chris said

At first, the cat looks a little scared but after a few weeks, he slowly adopted the new environment and realizes that his food provider is a good friend so he allows Chris to pet him.

“Then an even bigger breakthrough came when I introduced him to catnip and silver vine. He would roll around and let me pet his belly and generally have a good time.” Chris explained

Chris wanted him to have a good home so he decided to bring him to the Suncoast Animal League in Florida. And after a few days, the cat adjusted to his new indoor life and beg for attention. The shelter named him Sinatra and according to them, Sinatra was so sweet and very vocal all the time.

The staff of the shelter named Larissa knew someone who will adopt him. So, after a week of having Sinatra at their shelter, she talks to Lori Griggs who was at the shelter that time together with her daughter named Kiley.

“They explained the troubles that they have had finding a cat, and I was determined to get them the right cat,” Larissa said

According to Lori, her daughter has a power wheelchair that’s why the cats are so scared and they can’t find a cat that they want after visiting a lot of shelters.

Everyone was shocked after Sinatra made an entrance and quickly jump into Kiley’s lap to have some snuggles. The mother and daughter became happy and they knew they already found the cat that they are looking for.

Sinatra put the biggest smile on Kiley’s face. The two became best friends, seems like Sinatra doesn’t care about the wheelchair because he only wants to be comfortable on his human’s lap and to be petted.

“He could care less about her driving around the house. Actually, he is like a speed bump and doesn’t even move out of the way. When we opened his cat carrier in our daughter’s bed, he crawled right up onto her and snuggled.” Lori said

Kiley is very overwhelmed having Sinatra in her life, also the whole family is so happy seeing the two being best friends and inseparable. We are also happy knowing that the two changed each other’s life. We hope they can have many happier memories and snuggles.

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