Cat gets abandoned by owners after 18 years because they don’t want cat hair anymore

Pumpkin is an orange tabby cat who was abandoned by its owner after 18 years. And the heartbreaking story was shared by Reddit cat lovers after Pumpkin’s photo was posted on the site.

The post that was written next to the adorable photos of the cat stated that was abandoned by her family and left in an unnamed shelter it’s because they didn’t want cat hair anymore.

Regardless of having trouble with the cat’s arrival, Pumpkin had since been adopted and appeared to be in a good health. She is now relaxing on a bedspread.


Dumped at a shelter after 18 years because his family “didn’t want cat hair anymore,” now he lives in our sanctuary. Welcome, Pumpkin!
by u/DoctaEiffel in cats

But the post on Reddit has a big response from fellow cat owners, a lot of them was so shocked and sad by the circumstances of their adoption.

These are the other comments from fellow cat owners;

DancesWithElectrons wrote, “How the hell did you go without a pet after 18 years?”

Riley_Cooper_SC replied: “To be honest, I have no idea. How can you give away a companion after 18 years just because of the hair?”

HeadDrill wrote, “Sometimes I judge people by how they treat cats.”

GD_Bats went even further: “I always judge people according to how they treat animals.”

Ennino16 wrote; “My parents used this excuse so many times when they gave away my puppies/kittens.”

It is really a shocking decision, because how can someone suddenly decide to abandon an elderly cat after 18 years. Maybe they are other reasons that we are unaware of, but it’s hard to find a real reason for this.

As stated by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, there was around a 3.2million cats entering US shelters nationwide each year.  And despite the problems of Pumpkin’s arrival, she is still one of the lucky ones.

If you think you can’t care for those animals forever, don’t have to try one. People don’t deserve pets, they are truly affectionate and loyal. And for all animal lovers out there, please do love them and cherish them forever.

One thought on “Cat gets abandoned by owners after 18 years because they don’t want cat hair anymore

  1. After 18 years the person decides they don’t like cat hair anymore how awful the poor cat must be so devastated.Maybe your children don’t like you anymore and decide to dump you how would you feel. You don’t ever deserve to own another pet in your life.

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