Blind and sick tiny kitten cries for help but no one cares about her…

A couple from Bulgaria, Stoyan and Desi, were out to feed a stray cat. When they saw this little tiny kitten near their home, This poor little kitten was in a bad shed and looked like she had been abused by someone. The kitten was crying for help and her eyes looked infected and she was sick.

The kitten lived under the crack entrance of an old apartment building. People just passed by, and no one cared about her. They just ignored her. They just let her stand and cry in desperation that someone would help her.

“This is a common thing in our country. Cats are many. People don’t care. Sometimes they even think we are crazy to help stray animals,” the couple shared. 

But this little kitten didn’t give up despite being ignored by many people. Eventually, her efforts paid off, and she was helped and adapted to by this lovely couple. The couple brought her to the vet and gave her the assistance she needed. After that, they brought this kitten to their lovely home and showered the little warrior with love and care. The couple named her Pisscun and she was introduced to other cats they rescued.

The couple were so happy to see that Pisscun had been happy and felt so much better now than before. In their care, Pisscun didn’t worry because this lovely couple would give her everything she needed to live in a better place.

We may be in the dark, but someday we will come out to the world with our brand new life and family. We must wish to bless those people who help us to get up on our feet and feel the good things in life. 

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