Animal Shelter Celebrates 19th Birthday of Senior Stray Cat

When Sammy came to the shelter, he quickly won everyone’s heart. When the staff knew that his birthday was coming, they decided to make it extra special and memorable.

The Cincinnati Animal Shelter CARE Humane Society posted some photos and videos on their Facebook page that shows the cat named Sammy is wearing a checkered collar and glittery hat for his special day. The Facebook post obtained hundreds of likes, comments, and shares.

Sammy’s cage was decorated with festive decors and there was a toy cake with a candle on top.

The shelter said on the post was:

“Happy birthday to this beautiful guy who would love a nice and quiet house to live out his golden years!”

This cat is known as quiet but nice. He loves hugging and being touched. He is very curious and loves to observe everything that happens.

The staff put some effort to find him a forever home. The shelter has now rule before adopting Sammy, and that rule is his future owners must throw another birthday party when he turns 20 on June 15, 2022.

After finding a permanent home for the cat, he continued to receive adoption requests from a wide range of individuals who were inspired by his story.

Ray Anderson a media and community relations who managed the Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society said that he was overwhelmed and heartwarming because there are so many people who reached out for Sammy’s adoption and most of them are overseas.

The shelter has a “No-kill animal shelter” Which means they provide homeless animals services and adoption. They will only euthanize them when there is no life consequences option. A live outcome option is where an animal can be adopted or transferred. It accepts donations and sponsors via its website.

This birthday party of the old cat is one of the best things that is hard to forget. He became happy and feel love at the same time. And now, Sammy already had a forever home, he will become the happiest cat in his golden years.

2 thoughts on “Animal Shelter Celebrates 19th Birthday of Senior Stray Cat

  1. Happy Birthday Sammy. Wow 19❤😽. Thank you for taking care of him in the time you had him . And thank you for finding him a caring loving forever home with unconditional love ❤. Such a beautiful boy

  2. I hope the above two ladies adopted him. How could anyone not want to love this special guy. A big thanks to this animal shelter for being a “No Kill Shelter”. Your kindness and love will be rewarded in Heaven.

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