An elderly woman reunites with her beloved cat after missing for 4 years

There was a strong earthquake that hit the center of Italy four years ago, there was an elderly woman named Dora who lost everything in the disaster. Not because she lost her home and property but because she also lost her lovely cat.

In the middle of the chaos and confusion of the disaster, her cat runs away and didn’t come back. At that time, Dora think that she lost her beloved cat forever and she will never see it again. And that was the most traumatic loss for Dora.

Her cat is her family because it comforts her with cuddles and shows unconditional love over the years they’ve been together.

Four years after the cat disappeared, he suddenly came home unexpectedly. Dora was so shocked and didn’t react for a while. She can’t believe that she was reunited with her beloved cat again.

The two gently touched foreheads, then the cat started to cuddle his human.

In the video, you can see that they are both happy to have each other again.

The cat came home well-fed and healthy despite being gone for such a long time. Everyone didn’t know where he goes the time he disappeared, but it looks like someone cared for him and fed him well while he is gone.


What an unexpected reunion! Now they will spend their happy time again together.

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