An adorable cat that suddenly appears in the window of this family seems ready to leave its life on the streets

There was a tabby cat named Carlton who visited the same window every day in Brooklyn, New York. And the little girl who lived in that house saw him, so when the cat visited the house this kind-hearted girl started to feed him.

One day, the cat returned to the window he looks injured, and jumping near the window seems like it was seeking attention. The kind-hearted girl and her family take him and brought him to the Little Wanderers NYC rescue facility for him to receive the medical care that he needs.

The poor cat had been through a lot during he spends his time on the street. They believe that he was five years old.

The staff of the facility said that Their facility does not ignore cats on the streets and found out that Carlton was injured and had a wound behind his ear that needed to be stitched he also tested for FIV which is Feline Immunodeficiency Virus.

Carlton’s condition won’t affect his health with the right treatments. The family brought him with Scroggins and they knew that it will make it harder for the cat to be adopted. Because the FIV-positive and FIV-negative cats can’t live together in one home.

The perfect home for this adorable cat where he can get a lot of attention, and where he’d be a single cat at home. But Carlton isn’t too picky. That’s why it’s hard for him to be adopted.

Luckily, there was a girl named Carianne, She is a Staten Island, a New York-based volunteer who works as an adoptive mother, she saw Carlton’s story on social media and immediately volunteered to assist him.


“All of the rescue shelters are currently overflowing with cats and kittens as a result of kitten season and the excessive population that expanded from last year, Her hair was matted in places, and the ear incision needed to be cleaned around the sutures. He had several missing teeth, yet he enjoyed the meal I fed him. It was simple to gain his trust since he genuinely cares about others. It’s very cute.” Carriane said.

Finally! Carlton now has a foster home and parent. Big thanks to Carianne for taking care of him, and for giving him all the attention that he needs. Now, Carlton is overjoyed because he will not worry about his food.

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