After he’s roamed outside for a long time, he crawls into woman’s lap and decides to choose her

There was a good Samaritan who saw this cat named Feta wandering around the street, the good Samaritan decided to help him and brought him into a local rescue shelter where Feta receive all the medication treatment that he needed he had crinkled ears and other scratches from other cats while living outdoor.

The brave cat receives medical treatment and more TLC from the shelter, He was shy but he quickly won the hearts of the staff until he learned to get out of his comfort zone and became friendly to everyone.

Feta was ready for adoption and he was transferred to The Black Cat Market, it’s a cat café in Pittsburgh, and they are hoping that Feta will find a better home despite being an outdoor cat.

After a few days of staying at The Black Cat Market, there was a woman named Ashely who met Feta and she quickly fell in love with him. Feta looked at Ashley with sad doe eyes that quickly made the connection for the both of them.

According to Ashley, it was love at first sight so she quickly put in an adoption application on the same day, when she left the café, she can’t stop thinking about Feta.

“I went back a few days later to see him one more time in case I didn’t get picked. That day I went back, he crawled out of his cat tree cubby and into my lap, and I knew he picked me,” Ashley said

Finally, after a long time of being an outdoor cat, Feta moved into his new forever home together with his new lovely human. He also became the 500th adoption at the café.

When they finally went home, Feta quickly explores his new home and after a week of exploring, he totally adopts his new surroundings.

“He is very food motivated and shows up at my feet any time I go into the kitchen,” Ashley said

After living with Ashley, where he received lots of love, attention, and affection, Feta became a spoiled indoor cat. He really deserves to have what he has now after living alone and fighting for his own to keep alive.

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