After 13 years, shelter cat finally found someone she had been waiting for all her’s life

The woman named Hannah looks at the Wisconsin Humane Society’s website because she was planning o adopt a senior ca at that time and saw a 13-year-old cat named Moxie. The cat spends his life at the shelter since 2004 and Hannah is not sure if the cat has been re-surrendered or had been adopted before.

“When I saw her age next to her picture, my heart just sank and I knew I had to adopt her,” Hannah said

She went to the shelter on January 26th and officially adopted the cat and named it Moxie. According to her, Moxie was not scared after seeing her.

“It basically means that the cat has a threshold where they no longer want to be touched, and they can display some aggressive behaviors like biting or swatting. I feel that that had a large impact on her not being adopted,” Hannah explained.

The shelter said that Moxie needs someone that will understand her and will give her space when she needs it but she is a loyal and sweet companion.

When they arrived home, Moxie started to become curious but after that she already claiming her spots.

“She just likes to be loved on her own terms. She is also very dog-like and follows me around from the second I get home until the second I leave for work in the morning.” Hannah said

Hannah is living by herself in her apartment so Moxie became her roommate and she did everything so Moxie can feel comfortable and safe.

“What many other prospective parents probably passed off as a grouchy old cat is actually very sweet and loving,” Hannah said

Finally, Moxie has a forever home where she can feel safe and receive lots of love from his new human mom. Thanks to Hannah for giving her a wonderful home where she can spend her golden years.

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