Adult Male Cat Becomes Surrogate Papa to An Adorable, Orphaned Kitty!

When this small kitty lost his birth mom, he found a new one and it was an adult male ginger cat who wants to be his dad. This story started when a woman named Cristina Piapa found the kitten it looks like a newborn because his eyes are still closed but sadly, Cristina didn’t see his mom.

Cristina decided to take him home and her cat named Boli quickly took the kitten and started to groom him and take care of him. Cristina can’t believe what she saw. Boli was so gentle to the kitten and it feels like he really loves the small one to be by his side. According to Cristina, she rescued lots of cats before and Boli always takes care of them.

Cristina named the kitten Ra and she saw that Ra doesn’t want anything but to spend his whole day with his new dad. Cristina still bottle-fed the kitten but Boli was always there to wash him after meals.

When Ra grew up, the two became very close and had the best friendship ever. They also became very handsome and it was so amazing to see them together.


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