Adorable Kitten with A Big Heart Mark on Her Chest Makes Every One Fall in Love with Her

There were humans who went to the shelter to adopt a kitten then there is a kitten named Zoë who captivates them to adopt it too.

Zoë has a cute heart mark on her chest, after the humans saw her, they fell in love with her too and ended up adopting her and her sister. The two cats are both black and white and they remain reunited.

Their owners created an Instagram account for them where they posted cute and adorable photos and videos and they have already reached 301,000 followers.

At first, most of the attention went to Zoë because of the heart mark on their chest, but when the people realize that her sister Izzy has an irresistible and expensive look, they now have equal popularity.

When Zoë grew up, the heart mark on her chest also became big and she has a nickname called The Fluff and even the title of Queen of Hearts.

The sisters have different personalities, Izzy is fearless and adventurous, and Zoë is cautious and extremely curious, but they also have the same personality and that is being affectionate and sweet to their owners and to each other.

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