Adorable Cat with Cartoon-Esque Eyes and Unique Personality Chooses to Become Indoor Cat

This black and white feral cat was seen at the cat colony near a factory in Norfolk, England. The animal rescuers from Feline Care Cat rescue her and they notice that the cat has health problems.

They name the cat Mau Mau and she didn’t have many teeth remaining she can’t close her eyes and will just use her third eyelid to blink. The rescuers said that she needed someone that will take care of her and was suited to indoor life.

After a year, Mau Mau grew very fondly, her personality grew larger. According to the staff of Feline Care Cat, every time they saw the photos of the cat they wonder if she is half cat and half cartoon because of his very unique looks.

When Mau Mau has been finally put up for adoption, the shelter is hoping for her to find a perfect home that will accept her and her quirks. There was a woman named Amelia who had a cat in her whole life and currently working at the vet’s office saw Mau Mau and quickly inquired about a meet and greet.

“I went and met her the next week and completely fell in love with her. She looked even tinier as she sat in her room and meowed at me before I went in,” Amelia said

Finally, the former feral cat was now ready to move to her new forever home and live as an indoor cat. When they arrive home, Amelia’s bed became her hideout. Mau Mau quickly settled into her new surroundings and even tries to catch anything that moves including her own fluffy tail.

“She’s a tiny cat with a huge personality, and she’s very stubborn and will happily ignore me,” Amelia said

Every morning, when Amelia gets up from her bed, Mau Mau will quickly run and hops on the sofa beside her and will give her lots of cuddles to start their day happy.

According to Amelia, Mau Mau’s favorite thing to do is to eat, carry her fluffy pom-poms around and sit in sunny spots.

It feels like the former feral cat said goodbye to her past life and transformed into a happy, lovely, playful amazing cat. She brings so much happiness to Amelia by being the sweetest cat and cartoon personality that everyone loves.


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