Adorable Cat Hops onto Warm Laps Each Day and Has Waited Nearly a Year for Someone to Take Her Home

There was a tabby cat named Allie who was brought to Community Cat Club hoping that someone will bring her home and have a better life. She stayed at the office space in Philadelphia to have some time and warm every lap she came across, until one day there was new management and it decided to kick her out.

According to Sara Sharp, Founder of the rescue, Allie almost ended up at the city shelter but luckily, they step in. The cat adores her human so much and she knows who to snuggle with and how to make biscuits.

Allie was not on the adoption floor yet but she can roam around the office, sometimes she will walk to the people and rub her whole body against their legs until she was transferred to a foster home.

When they arrived at the foster home, Allie quickly adopts her new surroundings as soon as she got a room for herself and humans to take care of her.

Allie loves to wrap her arms around her human’s lap and quickly fall asleep. She also loves to cuddle. She loves to be petted but she will rub against you all day long to gain some attention.

“She has proven to be the most perfect companion. Allie is extremely affectionate and absolutely swoons over every human she meets. She is a huge fan of laps and naps, she is a very chatty girl and will tell when it’s time for her wet food,” Sara said

Allie’s love for her humans is unconditional, she doesn’t want to do anything but stay on her owner’s lap and take a nap. She will follow her humans around and is always ready to have some cuddles.

After eleven months of waiting, Allie received an adoption interest, she is now ready to go to her new home where she can get endless lap warming to her new forever humans. Allie became the longest resident of the foster home because according to them, Allie only wants someone that she can hang out with and give her lots of cuddles. She just wants someone at her side.

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