Abandoned Cat Was Rescued by a Family After They Saw It Inside a Taped-Up Box

Phoenix was dumped by her previous owner in a box sealed with duct tape…A kind family has found her, giving her the love she’s always wanted and a loving home forever.

When Lilliana and Martha went outside and walking across the street, they saw a taped box on the side. They decided to inspect it and they move closer toward the box. They were shocked when they heard a cat meowing from inside the box.

After that, they quickly took the box home and begun pulling off the huge amount of tape all over the box. The cat’s head popped out and they can’t believe her poor condition. The cat’s scalp was so dry and her face was all scrunched up, it looks like the cat didn’t receive love and attention from its previous owner.

The family decided to adopt the cat and become part of their loving family. They took her a bath and the cat didn’t look scared maybe because she knew that she was in a good hand.

After taking a bath, they went to the vet and receive medical treatment that she needed and they brought her a cuddle bunny. She was very patient and you can see through her that she has a lot of discomfort because she was fragile and very weak.

The vet gave her medicated shampoo for her dry scalps and antibiotic that she needs to take immediately so she can have a better progress.

The loving family named her Phoenix and now, she was starting to come running every time one of her family came into the room.

According to Phoenix’s family, she loves cuddling and love and they always giving it to her. They became happier when they hear her first purr and they can only see how beautiful cat she is.

Phoenix gained lots of confident and her curiosity also started to begin so her family started to introduced her to their other family member named Raine and Olive, they are two loving and adorable dogs and they had the best bond and friendship ever!

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