A unique-looking cat almost didn’t survive, but it was taken care of by its owners and adoptive father cat.

This cat named Fedya has a tough childhood, he was born as one of the two kittens to a stray mother who was found in a shelter in the backyard of Natalya.

Natalya is a cat lover who lives in Rostov, Russia. Fedya was born underdeveloped, weak, and sick, and the owner speculates that he’s been dropped quite a few times while he was carried over fences.

After being born, Fedya and his sibling lost their mother, but Natalya was there and nursed Fedya back to health. Natalya was sure that no one will adopt the cat because it was sick.

After a few weeks, Natalya’s other cat named Krasavchik, or Handsome in English, adopted Fedya as his son. Handsome loves to clean and lick Fedya.

“Fedya has been suffering from allergies for six months now. His eyes are watery and his nose is congested. So far there is no way to find out what is causing it. But we are doing everything to keep him healthy.” Natalya said.

They don’t have an idea why Fedya looks like this and is a little behind in development. But they are sure that it’s a complication of his condition after birth.

“Fedya’s sister is doing well! We have followed what happened to her. She grew up and became a beautiful cat, her name is Elsa. She has already had two litters of kittens, striped just like her! We’ve seen pictures of her.” Natalya said.

Despite having a tough life before and having a different appearance, this lovely cat is now living his life full of love and happiness. Natalya didn’t expect that Fedya will receive so much love and attention online.

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