A near-death cat rescued from a tiny container has a second chance at life

Meet Samuel, he is a black and white cat who was rescued from a tiny container where he spends most of his life. After rescuing him he was brought to Houston’s BARBC Animal Shelter where they saw that he was severely underweight.  His eyes were swollen due to mange so he needs a lot of medical attention.

He also had pressure sores from being shut up and his skin was peeling. One of the workers of the shelter doesn’t want to end Samuel’s life it posted some photos of him on social media in order to find help.

And luckily, there was a vet tech in the Houston area named Leslie Raines who saw the photos. Samuel will soon move into his new foster home with his new mother Leslie who will try her best to help Samuel to recover.

After a few months, Samuel’s thick black and white fur are now growing slowly, and in just a year Samuel transformed into a handsome and fluffy cat where his natural looked as if he was given good care before.

Leslie is now searching for a new lovely home for Samuel after a few years of being together. She was introduced to Bryan Smith and Samuel became friends with him. Leslie was so shocked because Bryan’s skill is he can calm the handsome cat quickly.

Now, Samuel is living with Bryan for almost a year and things are going smooth. Samuel loves and is thankful for his second chance at a beautiful life. And that was because of the kind-hearted human who helped him.

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