A homeless cat who lost ears found a perfectly lovely home

A cat named Potato is a special and precious one, not because he was earless it’s because he is so gentlemanly and exceptional.


He was sick and abandoned for over 2 years when his owner found him on the streets in China. His owner immediately take him to a vet and was diagnosed with ceruminous adenoma, it’s a rare but not a harmful tumor that swelled in his ear canals and ear flaps.

The vet recommended removing his both ears completely to prevent the tumors from coming back.

They made surgery and it was successful!

The cat was quickly recovered and he was adopted shortly. And now Potato is Horlick’s best friend together with another kitty at home.

But is it really okay that Potato doesn’t have ears anymore? Is he can still hear everything without it?

Potato’s owner said that he can still hear quite well, they also said that the cat is very gentle, affectionate, and loyal. Potato is so kind-hearted humans guessed he is around 6 years old and they also pick a date when he was happily adopted as the official date of his birthday.

So thankful to those kind-hearted people who help Potato to have a new life. It doesn’t matter how he may look because for everyone he is still so handsome.

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