A heartbroken cat has spent One year by her owner’s grave

It’s been a year since this cat’s owner passed away, but the cat is too loyal that’s why she never leaves her old companion’s grave since being buried.

Keli Keningua Prayitno one of the passers-by in Central Java Indonesia was the first to hear about the mourning cat who cried too much, Keli tried to help the cat by adopting her but it didn’t work because the next day the cat got outside and came to her owner’s grave again.

The cat will leave her owner’s grave when it’s time to eat, she will go to her old owner’s children’s and they will feed the cat. Passers-by who see her also give her food and water but the cat ignores it and all she wants to do is to stay and sleep at the grave every day.

Keli said that the cat sleeps at the grave and meows, it makes Keli sad every time she sees the cat doing it. You can really feel the love and closeness of animals to their owners.

Experts say that even though you can see the cats are not that friendly but when it comes to their owners their love is unconditional and they suffer a lot after their owners passed away.

They can feel anxious, they also lose interest in most of the things that they are doing before. There are also severe cases that need to call a veterinarian for anti-anxiety medication of cats.

This kind of story is really sad, I hope this cat will finally get over to her old owner and she will find a new owner that will love and take care of her forever

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