A Fluffy Maine Coon cat that looks like a Black Panther and acts like a Dog.

Maine coon cats from Russia named Vincent gained attention because of its large and vibrant eyes together with black and silky fur, which looked like a black panther.

Vincent has a Tiktok and Instagram account. He has more than 500 thousand followers, accompanied by his owners named Andrey and Anastasia. The bewitching cat enchants the feed with entertaining videos and photos, and everyone loves it!

The couple Andrey and Anastasia felt that there is something missing in their daily lives that’s why they got Vincent.

Andrey said that it was too early for them to think and having a child, and they both decided that a cat would be better. The couple is also aware that if they adopt a cat there are difficulties in renting an apartment because animals are very rarely allowed. But they really want to have a fur baby so they decided to get Vincent, the first time they saw him it’s immediately captured their hearts.

The lovely couple saw Vincent’s photo on the Avito website which is an analog for eBay. So they immediately went to Vincent’s location.

The day they were bringing Vincent to his new home, the couple noticed that a lot of people were looking at him. The cat has a long torso and large head certainly made it look different compared to other cat breeds. Maybe that’s the reason why a lot of people are looking at him.

The couple didn’t choose the cat’s name immediately. They wanted it to come naturally.

The name Vincent came to Andrey and Anastasia while watching the series “Brassic”. That’s what the main character was called, which somehow resembled their new pet.

The cat is now 11 months old and weighs around twenty pounds, that’s why Andrey said that picking Vincent up from the floor is a quite difficult task.

The couple noticed that Vincent is attracts a lot of attention so they made him an Instagram and Tiktok account featuring photos and videos of the cat.

Like those children, the cat is very curious, every time the couple went into the bedroom or in the shower, whether in the closet, Vincent always keeps his eyes on them.

The cat loves to play with a small ball twisted from foil. He also mastered playing football with his toys, and when he gets bored, he will ask the couple to throw it and he will catch the ball and bring it again to them.

Andrey said that sometimes their guests are shocked not only because of Vincent’s look and size, but because the couple allows the cat to sit with them at the dinner table, or rather lie on the table while they eating. The cat almost occupied the entire table.

Maine coon cats have this amazing feature according to Andrey, the sounds that animals make instead of the typical meowing produce a more pleasant and soft noise.

@vincent_littlepanther @stafanimoon ♬ оригинальный звук – Vincent

Although is not easy to take care of Vincent, he is still a playful and lovely cat.

This couple is so amazing because instead of having a baby they decided to adopt a cat and give him a new and happy life.

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