A Couple Brought Two Senior Cats to Their Home to Spend Their Golden Years

In San Diego, there was a couple who gave a new life to the two senior cats named Pepa and her sister Meli. The two cats were both 21 years old and they were brought to the shelter after their previous owner passed away.

Before Amanda and her husband adopted a cat named Amelia, a 16-year-old blind and deaf cat, so the volunteer at the shelter asked them if they would love to share their plea for the two senior cats.

“They are yet another example of what happens when an owner does not have a plan for their pets should something happen to them. It’s a story shelters hear time after time,” Amanda said.

When they saw the two cats, the couple quickly went on a trip to get the senior cats.

“When we adopted them, we found that Pepa was emaciated, had severe dental problems, and was severely matted. She is also the most friendly, brave, loving cat I’ve ever known. Of all the cats I have loved, none has nose-booped me at every greeting the way she does. She will pop out of her bed when she hears us returning from a trip. We look in from an outdoor window and see her hurrying to the door to greet us.” Amanda explained

The couple is willing to give the two senior cats a long time until they will finally adopt their new surroundings. The lovely couple was so grateful to have the two pretty cats, they found a sense of peace, and friendship with them.

“When my husband leaves the Navy we plan on opening a full-fledged senior sanctuary. That is our heart. That is my life goal.” Amanda said


A big thanks to this loving couple for giving the senior cats a comfortable home where they can spend their golden years feeling loved and safe.

2 thoughts on “A Couple Brought Two Senior Cats to Their Home to Spend Their Golden Years

  1. This brought tears to my husband’s and my eyes. It is also our dream to have a senior sanctuary where older cats are not kept in small cages only to be allowed into a room for 1 hour each day. We know what we wish to build and it would be like a senior cats’ retirement village where they could venture outside into the sunshine with plenty of trees around them fully enclosed for their safety. Inside they would have the freedom go to their beds for naps or wander about socialising. We had two brothers, l3 years of age, but one left us earlier this year and the other is lonely now. He walks around meowing which he never did before and lays beside his brother’s grave each evening where they used to both lay enjoying the last of the day’s sun. We need to move onto a small acreage to fulfil our dream.

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