18-Years-Old Cat Begs A Man To Adopt Him, Now Turns 20 and Happy With His Human

In Wahington, the Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary And Adoption Center has a rescued 18-year-old tuxedo cat and gave him the life that he deserves. It was surrendered to the shelter because its previous owner can’t take care of him anymore.

The senior cat named Sammy has a great personality and that is the reason why he won the hearts of staff and volunteers. He is so classy having a tuxedo fur and his age can handle whatever life brings to him.

The shelter begins to find a perfect home for the senior cat because he needs a place where he can feel safe and comfortable during his golden years.

There was a man named Tim Adams who heard about Sammy’s story and it quickly melt his heart.

“I know that people don’t generally want to adopt senior pets. I decided to go see him” Tim said

When Tim arrived at the shelter, Sammy was sitting alone and looked a bit dejected, and when Tim walked inside the adoption center, Sammy perked up and took quite a liking to him then rubbed his face on Tim’s hands repeatedly.

Sammy has chronic medical issues that required him to be on a specific diet. Tim said that he will do everything for the senior cat to be happy.

When they arrived home, Sammy always follows Tim everywhere he goes and will curl up in his lap and arms. The senior cat became happy and always loves cuddling with his dad. Tim’s arms became a comfortable spot for Sammy to take a nap.

According to Tim, the senior cat was so sweet, patient, and super affectionate and its favorite thing to do is to lay on his lap.

They celebrated Sammy’s 20th birthday with a cake filled with Sammy’s favorite cat food and treats. And after eating, Sammy came to his dad to have some snuggles before he purred himself.

Sammy became their most loyal companion of Tim and they are happy having each other’s company.

Tim inspires everyone to adopt senior cats too because they are the sweetest and most loving pets that you will ever have in your life. And if you adopt them, you will also change their life and you can make them happy during their golden years.

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