17-year-old cat gets a new life after hating humans because of mistreatment

In this story, there was a 17-year-old cat named Cinnamon who became abandoned after her owners passed away from old age. The poor cat was handed off to relatives of her past owners but they didn’t treat the cat perfectly, they abused her and beat her using sticks.

After being mistreated and abandoned, Cinnamon was left homeless. She was rescued by Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) which was located in Greece.  The cat felt so betrayed and scared every time she saw people.

Volunteers of SCARS are trying to persuade Cinnamon into letting them pet her, but the chance of interaction gets ignored by the old cat.

Things get worse when the cat was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, that disease is now giving her only months to live. Cinnamon is not showing signs of improving. There was a volunteer who is the oldest volunteer at the shelter and she is the one who can get close enough and feed Cinnamon.

Valia Orfanidou didn’t give up on Cinnamon, she continued sitting beside the cat and hoping to gain trust from her.

She would spend hours sitting in front of the window, letting the warm sun soothe her hairless suffering body. She would close her eyes and enjoy it so much as if the warmth of the sun was a gentle kind hand petting her sadness away.” Valia said.

After weeks of continuing and patiently sitting beside the cat, Valia finally reached the impossible thing.  She is now able to gently pet Cinnamon and she has begun to play with toys.

It looks like Cinnamon was surprised at her newfound ability to believe in people again.

The rescuers believe that the cat was too old to put up for adoption, they are also scared about Cinnamon’s health. Right now she is staying at the shelter to spend her final days in comfort.

Hoping that those cats like Cinnamon will soon find their forever home and happy life.

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