A 17-year-old cat that was abandoned by her family finds happiness again

Unhappily, there were a lot of people who see their pets in their final years so they decided to abandon them or take them to a shelter because they don’t like to care for them. And that thing was exactly what happened to this 17-year-old cat named Kaelle.

The old cat was brought to the shelter because her family no longer want her. She was brokenhearted and puzzled at that time, not knowing what is going on. She just keep her head down the whole time she was being examined by a veterinarian.

She then sat peacefully in a corner of her cage, only raising her head when the staff came to check on her to see how she was doing.

Every time the staff checked her, they tried to cheer her up and wants them to feel safe when she was with them. But the cat didn’t understand what was going on and why her family leave her in the cage.

A cat rescue group in Montreal in Canada named Chatons Orphelins Montreal was moved by Kaelle’s situation and made action. They started looking for a host family right once so the poor cat could be cared for and cherished.

“Kaelle was in good health for her age. She was really lovely, and she allowed the veterinary crew checks her without complaint at the clinic.” Celine Crom said, one of the rescue employees.

An organization of adoptive volunteers named Amandine knows that the cat really needs a foster home so she quickly offered to assist. She brought the cat home without any problem she was eager to go to any length just to make the cat feel safe and relieved.

The cat was shy at first but soon as she heard her name, she approached her and petted her. The lovely cat is now happy and overjoyed to be fell loved again, she purred until she fell asleep on her new bed.  After days had passed, the grows and focus on the household and begin to follow her mom.

“Kaelle is a peaceful girl that enjoys being handled. She enjoys being around her humans and keeping them company while they work.” Celine said.

Kaelle was also talented and can readily grab a toy with her extraordinary agility, she has become playful, and is very happy. She absorbs all her family’s love. The old cat was impatient to find a forever home where she can spend her golden years after being abandoned by her real owners.

For now, Kaelle will stay and enjoy her life with her lovely foster parent. I hope when she finds a forever home they will stay with Kaelle no matter what.

19 thoughts on “A 17-year-old cat that was abandoned by her family finds happiness again

  1. I just dont know how people can get rid of their cat like that. I have a rescue cat now, she’s been with us for about 9 years i think, before that i had another who appeared one cold wet night then stayed with me for the next 15 years until he died of old age, he was about 3 when he found me. I absolutly love my cats, there would be no way i’d get rid of them apart from my death.

      1. I hope the foster mother keeps the cat Don’t be shifting the cat around again, it’s already 17 years old. Don’t do that again to the kitty. Obviously she’s falling in love with the foster mom. I hope the foster mom reads this and decides to keep her

  2. OMG. What a horrible owner or family to discard him like that..SHAME ON THEM.I have 10 rescues & would never discard any of them!

  3. Thank God they didn’t just leave her somewhere. What’s wrong with people? Animals have hearts and feelings. I would love that cat if she is still available.

  4. Yes older animals need more care but you have had them for a very long time and they don’t know anything else. Most of my pets have been 18 when they have died, cats and dogs but no way would I abandon them.

  5. I don’t think she should be asked to move out again! The poor kitty is happy where she is!
    Meanwhile, i hope the assholes who dumped her will die old, sick, and alone one day

    1. The previous owners need to be put in jail for abandoning her! How cruel could they be. Poor baby, I would love to have her!

    2. I dont know how they could give a family member away. Cat owners should realize how unsettling it is for them. Imagine when you were growing up if your family gave you away to strangers. We took in a stray cat that turned out to be pregnant. She had 3 kittens. Of course we kept them all. We have one left of the 3.

      1. We had a cat give birth on our patio to 4 kittens. The mom was tiny and could barely feed the 3 larger kittens so I bottle fed the runt and got attached, so we kept her. Then we realized one was deaf so we kept him. (although we lost him suddenly and heartbreakingly 2 weeks ago. I still can’t say his name without tears) Then we realized the mom had been abused so we kept her. The 2 stronger kittens are happy and healthy in adoptive homes we carefully chose. I just can’t imagine turning my back on another living being.

  6. My heart breaks for this beautiful girl. To love a cat for 17 years then one day abandon it. It makes no sense. I have to believe that it broke the owners hearts as well.

  7. I’m here with tears in my eyes reading about the beautiful senior cat that was abandoned by her family, but now feeling thankful she’s safe from harm with a new loving family. Please keep her with you, rather than sending her out to strangers once again to adjust to another situation! Surely you understand. Blessings for you and all who are caring for her. 🙏💜💜💜💜

  8. I couldn’t give up my fur babies, you adopt them or find them have them in your life for years, they are family , I have had my baby since she was six months old , she will be 14 years in December she is the best kitty, everyone loves her , she will be with me until the end 😍😻

  9. so would the people do the same if they don’t want to care for their kids, they shouldn’t have any pet or kids

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