16-yeɑr-old cɑt finds his missinɡ twin ƅrother in an unexpected way

There was an old cat spotted alone in the parking lot three years ago, it looks so sick and weak.

The Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital rescued it immediately when they receive an unknown phone call, and the caller asks them to check in the lower parking lot.

The old cat weighed 7 pounds and sadly he had stage two kidney failure and was anemic.

Noah’s Hospital made a lot of tests on the old cat so they can do a full examination and bring back the cat as a healthy one.

After a lot of examination, they finally brought him back to health, and all the staff in the hospital become very devoted to him, he also became an office cat, so they named the cat Billy.

At the end of the month, the hospital has an unexpected surprise.


There was a father and daughter who visited the hospital when Billy passed by, the father said that Billy looked an awful lot like the one their family had lost years ago. His name was Batuffolo, known as Tuffo for short. As the father and his daughter continued to speak with the receptionist, Billy suddenly did something very out of character.

When Billy recognized them and jumped on the top of the counter, which he doesn’t do.

“Then he jumped right into their arms, Billy lets people pet him, but he never jumped into anybody’s arms,” Rachel said, an assistant at Noah’s Ark.

It turns out that three years ago the family lost their cat when they were moving. They looked for him all over town but couldn’t find him, and were devastated.  After years of separation, Billy originally named Tuffo is finally reunited with his twin brother and his human family.

After getting back to his family and his twin brother, they keep sniffing each other’s butts, and they become BFFs again!

Looks like they really missed each other. We are so happy that Tuffo is reunited again with his long-lost twin brother. Thanks to the help of Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital for taking care of Tuffo.

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