16-Year-Old Abandoned Cat About To Be Put Down Begs Kind Woman To Save Him

The woman named Lahmia Mareea Marano received a text from her friend who is working at the vet clinic, when she opened the message, she saw a photo of 16 years old cat named Maxx.  Her friend was asking her if she can take care of it because Maxx’s owner had come in asking for him to be put to sleep even though he was totally fine and healthy.  They were trying to find him a new home so he didn’t have to be put down.


“I tried my hardest to find him a home and I almost did it, but they couldn’t take him in the end. On that Thursday, I was told that if Maxx didn’t find a home, then he would be put to sleep at the owner’s request. I just couldn’t let that happen, so I got in my car the next day and drove the hour and a half to get him.” Marano said

The woman didn’t have a plan to adopt another cat but what she felt for Maxx and she knew that she needs to help the poor cat.


According to Marano, when she met Maxx, he was obviously upset and very chatty but it looks like the cat knew that she was there to save him so he quickly butted Marano’s head and at that moment, Marano knew that Maxx is meant to be with her.

They brought Maxx to the vet’s office and they found out that Maxx’s previous owners have a lot of complaints about him but when Marano brought him home he became the perfect member of her family.


Maxx’s favorite thing to do is to follow her new mom around the house to say how much he loves and is grateful to her.

“Maxx settled in the pack very quickly and soon found his favorite spot: the sink. He’s very chatty and we have full conversations sometimes. I think he understands that he’s safe with me. He follows me around and stands guard while I shower, something he did the first day I brought him home.” Marano said

For Maxx’s new mom, he is a blessing that was sent to her. We learned that sometimes the best things in life aren’t planned. We are happy for Maxx for having a second chance at a beautiful life

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