15 Year Old Senior Cat Tells His New Family How Grateful He Is To Be Back in a Home…

Animal House is a rescue group that helps eight cats. Their owner was too old to take care of them so they rescue all of them.

“His wife had just passed away and over time they had amassed a collection of 9 cats. Very kind people who took in kitties in need in their neighborhood, always with a spot of food, a bowl of water, and love to give,” Animal House said

The cat named socks was the oldest and he was so friendly when they arrived at the Animal House and played with other cats too. The 15-year-old cat was so sweet and the most lovable and affectionate of the group.

When the volunteer named Soja came to the shelter and saw Socks, she fell in love with him and it was called love at first sight.

“The first time I saw Socks, I was drawn to his sweet face and big round eyes. He was fifteen and I could tell that he had been in a loving home,” Sonja said

She picks him up and went to the play area, Socks looks so comfortable with her that it even starts rubbing against her to claim her as his human.

Socks finally went home with her new family and meet his new two senior cat siblings. At first, he was curious about his new surroundings but after a couple of hours, he jumped on Glenn’s lap who is Sonja’s husband and the senior cat fell asleep there.

The senior cat started to love cuddling with Glenn and he was so happy that he is finally back home with a new loving family.

Socks are very easy-going and quickly adopt new things. He loves to explore in their basement and loves to stay at their window and watch the outside world. He didn’t stop telling his humans how thankful he is for cuddling with them every day and night.

Sonja and Glenn were so happy having Socks in their life and Socks have the same feeling too.

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