14-Year-Old Shelter Cat Finally Found Perfect Companion to Spend Last Years of Life Together


LL Cool J is a 14 years old cat who spend his life in shelter named Anne Arundel Country Animal Care. He is so very friendly and gentle to everyone specially to staff members and volunteers. All he wanted was a friend to spend time with. The shelter was able to arrange a foster home for senior cat so they could stay in a quite and comfortable home while waiting for someone to adopt them.

This senior cat craves for attention, loves to be petted and meows as soon as he knows that you’re near to him.

Regardless of being a senior cat, he still have a young heart. He always adores people and will jump on the couch just to stay with them and keeping them company.

But this senior cat was really longing for a special someone to come take him home and love him forever

After several months of waiting, his wish came true. A shelter volunteer got to know this lovable cat and they are totally attracted to each other. She knew just the perfect human for him.

The volunteer’s 89-year-old mother who stays at an assisted living facility, was in need of a sweet companion.

She changed LL Cool J’s name into Raven, and finally! After many years of staying in shelter, Raven finally found a perfect companion, the one that will love him unconditionally.

“Raven is allowed to live with this lady thanks to their pet policies, which permits residents to have one well-behaved, vaccinated pet weighing no more than 25 pounds. Talk about a win-win for both senior humans and senior pets.” the shelter wrote.

Photo: Anne Arundel County Animal Care and Control

This two seniors will spent their happiest life together!

We can call it Love at first sight when they met and fell in love with each other.

They brought so much happiness to each other, and comforting each other is one of the best thing! We can see that Raven is happy with his favorite person ever!

Photo: Anne Arundel County Animal Care and Control

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