PETA Organization came to Ukraine and helped to get homeless animals in need

PETA is an American animal rights organization and there are different entities in other countries that came to Ukraine to help those poor animals who badly need someone to lean on.

The first thing they want to do is to get animals and bring them out of the Ukraine country. In collaboration with the Polish animal protection group White Paw, a small convoy was sent to go to the shelter, and they are right now transferring animals into their vehicles in the hope of getting them to safety in Poland. The roads are extremely congested and are proving to be another challenge on top of many others. The second thing they want to do is to bring them food because the shops in Ukraine are closed.

When Russia invaded Ukraine and continue to attack the poor country, there are hundreds of people have run away to their hometowns.  United Nation said that over 1 million people are moving soon to another country just to be safe.

PETA Germany has successfully completed the first two things that they wanted to do.

The first thing was getting the scared and hungry animals, and they made with the help of Poland. The second was they successfully delivered 20 tons of food and other supplies that were being distributed with the help of their fellow campaigners White Paw.

While PETA Germany prepares for its next rescue mission and animals who made it safely over the border are being looked after and treated at a veterinary clinic, they are also helping people in Ukraine who don’t have food for fur babies so they added 40 tons of foods. They add 20 more tons of food and it’s in Odesa to help more hungry cats and dogs.

The organizers are with Polish charity ADA Foundation are setting another rescue mission with two vans and one animal ambulance, they want to get more than 80 animals in Ukraine and bring it to Poland. Other cats and dogs from all over Ukraine are being taken to a shelter in Lviv, in the west of the country, from which we aim to collect them and, all being well, bring them to shelters in Poland. From there, they can be reunited with their families or adopted into new loving homes.

The third truck was carrying another 20 tons of food for cats and dogs for Odesa. There are reportedly still some dwindling supplies for humans there, but animals have been hungry for how many days now, so it’s urgent that this transport arrives soon. It’s a very risky and long journey.

On March 9, 2022, At 7 am the organizers are now heading back to Kyiv and there they already rescued over 200 cats and dogs from Ukraine, All these cats and dogs are getting the care they need and will soon be vaccinated, spayed, or neutered, and ready to move to their permanent homes. And on the other day, they added over 100 cats and dogs and bring them to Poland. It was their fourth mission in just over a week and it was successful. Although it is not easy but they are working so hard for the humans and animals in Ukraine who badly need their help.

They are happy to share some happy news to wrap up the week. Over 100 more animals have been rescued again. PETA Germany had another long yet rewarding day – joined by other rescue groups, the team brought dozens of animals back across the border last night and has already found new loving homes for all of them in Austria.

In just, over a week the organizers have saved animals in a total of 420 already! Here are some of the lovely cats and dogs with our heroes who rescue them;

Hungry cats and dogs in Odesa are finally getting a proper meal today! It’s been a tough couple of weeks thereafter food for animals ran out and people were sharing what little food they had left for themselves with their animal companions, so they were full of gratitude and relief when PETA Germany pulled up with 20 tons of food. It is the first group to bring food to the starving animals of Odesa. The truck full of supplies traveled all the way from Berlin to this city in the very south of Ukraine.

The PETA Germany team is continuing to rescue as many animals as possible. Some of the animals journeyed over 600 miles, which is farther and of course, much more dangerous than traveling from London to Madrid. AS of March 14, they added 100 cats and dogs safely to the border, The Peta Organizers are now rescued over 500 animals! How amazing!

While the team continues to bring animals into safe places these cats, who arrived in Poland last week, have already been adopted. They will be going to their new homes in Austria.

People from all over Ukraine really need more food for their cats and dogs as it becomes harder and harder to get a hold of, and PETA Germany is rushing to help.

One truck is going straight to Odesa. Soon, they will get more. Two more trucks are going to Berlin and are on their way to Lviv. From there, PETA Germany and local activists will distribute 40 tons of food to people with animals in the country.

PETA Germany’s partners are still at the Romanian border helping refugees with animals with everything from passports to vaccinations, collars, and food.

It took several hours to get all the exhausted and traumatized animals into the vans. By the time the rescue team met them, some of these poor souls had already crossed hundreds of miles, and they were confused and exhausted.

PETA Germany has successfully delivered 100 tons of food for animals in Ukraine successfully! Netizens cried because they really need food for their fur babies and they can’t give it because of the war that is happening right now. PETA will continue to provide more supplies for them.

The newest rescue trip from Poland to Ukraine and back took over 36 hours:

The rescue team traveled from Poland to Kyiv, Ukraine, where it had organized to pick up the animals brought from all across the country.


Another truck of urgent supplies for cats and dogs has arrived safely in the country. The truck was carrying 40 tons of food. They distributed it immediately to other parts of the country to feed those starving animals as soon as possible.

Brave campaigners brought them to Kyiv, and the PETA Germany rescue team brought them across the border into Poland. Many of the dogs have severe health issues and are now receiving emergency veterinary care, these dogs are evacuated from a shelter in Kyiv that was bombarded and they will go to a shelter in Germany soon where they can be adopted and have a new life and family.

When the war broke out, this family fleeing to the Czech Republic had no choice but to leave its cat companions with an animal rescuer in Kyiv. The PETA Germany team managed not only to bring the animals to safety but also to reunite them with their grateful guardians! These sweet boys captured the team’s hearts and spent the long and stressful journey to Poland sitting on their laps. It was hard to say goodbye, but now Marius and Pamplemousse have been reunited with their family in the Czech Republic it feels so happy!

Those rescued animals that have been rescued in the past three weeks are now happy and safe in Germany and Austria, Lots of them have been adopted and the others are ready to be adopted soon.

They also brought another 120 cats and dogs out of Ukraine for their safety, others had been left locked inside the flat house because sadly their families leave them behind just to get away from the war.  Don’t worry they are now safe and they were already taken to the veterinarians. They are now receiving lots of love after their long and tiring journey.

On March 21, 2022, they gave another 20 tons of food to feed hungry stary animals in Odesa, the animals are grateful you can see it in their eyes and by wiggling their tails. The partners of PETA Germany are there for refugees and poor locals to give them food and also for their animals.

People and animals continue to be rescued and taken into a safe place.

The dog named Stella is one of the dogs who survived the bombings in her hometown and the dangerous 700-mile journey across Ukraine.  She is now safe in Poland but she has a problem with her legs, the veterinarians are now taking good care of her. After all the pain she endured, we are still hoping that she will recover and will found a new family.

The team always brings food every time they go on a mission in Ukraine. So that the local rescuer can feed the animals they see in their rounds. They never failed to send food to besieged places like Kharkiv and Kyiv, where they were probably needed by the animals. The staff still keep the animal alive with the supplies given to them. Some of them still live in the shelter even though it was destroyed by the bombings because of the war.

PETA Germany continues their rescue mission and they rescue 44 cats and dogs. The rescue team helped other 11 cats with Elina and her cat Felix to flee to Ukraine and now they’re safe in Germany. PETA is now delivering food to cats and dogs all over the country to help them survive the crisis.

A dog named Bissy was one of the first dogs that PETA Germany rescued from Lviv, Ukraine. She was found in the local animal shelter and they took her together with other dogs and cats. Bissy looked so happy and now playing with her new friends. This sweet dog touched the hearts of a lovely family from Switzerland and she will soon move to her new and permanent home.

For now, Almost thousands of animals are now safe. Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, and Poland are just some of the destinations where animals were rescued from the war in Ukraine. I hope they will soon find permanent homes.

Animals don’t like wars, but like human victims, they suffer extremely during these conflicts. The team will continue their life-saving mission to rescue as many victims of this war as possible.

Last April 1, 2022, there was a train full of supply food was delivered for cats and dogs in Ukraine. The stray dogs look so happy when they finally got the supply of food for them.

PETA Organizations will continue to help them until the war has ended!

WE can also help them! YES! We can help them by supporting PETA GERMANY’s mission on the border and Donating to Peta’s Global Compassion Fund. It will be a very big help for those who really need us right now, and by praying that the conflict between the countries will be ended very soon.

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