A Lion father struggles to take care of 5 unruly cubs while their mother recovers from being attacked by another lion.

It is amazing to see that animals have their own share of difficult parenting moments like humans. Just like the photos captured by a wildlife photographer named Linda Smit. She took a very funny photo at Pakawi Park Zoo in Belgium.

The African lion named Singa was found struggling to take care of its little babies because their mom was taken to the zoo’s medical clinic to recover from her severe injuries because she was bitten by another lion

Seems like Daddy Lion was thinking about what to do to its stubborn babies and he is going to have a headache.

“Although he was very gentle with the babies, they screamed every time he came near and tried to move them. He was very tolerant with them, but he did get a bit grumpy when they were biting his tail,” Linda said.

Singa is trying his best in his parenting skills and carrying his babies to a safer place.

“He was trying to lift them, like the mother would do, to carry them to what he probably thought was a safer place. But as a male, he didn’t have the skills or experience to properly lift them.” Linda added.

When the mommy lion named JJ returned home from the vets and is now fully recovered from her injuries, the babies look so happy to have their mommy back.

It feels amazing to see how animals take care of their babies. Parents are really the best! Whether it’s an animal or a human.


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