A Giraffe kissed a dying zoo worker as a goodbye…So touching 😢

This reminds me of the book named “Who cry when you die?” by Sharma R. that I read two years ago. Who will stay beside us at the time we’re gonna leave this world? Family and friends, of course. There is nothing to regret when having these people to stay with us in the last stage of life. But there are friends, even family members that can not say. A dog that you’ve raised for years. An animal that you’ve cared for at work. This story will touch the heart of millions.

A heartbreaking moment when this lovely Giraffe kissed a man named Mario Eijs. This 54-year-old man who suffers from a mental disability spent his 25 years cleaning the animal’s enclosure and doing odd jobs at Rotterdam’s Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo in the Netherlands.

He is a very hard worker and all the animals in the zoo are close to him.

Mario was diagnosed with cancer that is incurable. He even had a problem with speaking. That’s why he can’t do anything but lay and wait for his death.

His last wish was to visit the Zoo where he is working, just to see his co-workers and the animals that he loved.

The Ambulance Wish Foundation organized his last wish.The Ambulance Wish foundation is a charity that transports terminally ill patients to a place of personal significance as their last wish. Originated in the Netherlands, the charity has already been established in the UK, with over 1506 volunteers.

They wheeled Mario around the zoo while he was in his hospital bed, and several giraffes became curious when he was brought to their inside enclosure.

While Mario is in pain, he didn’t forget to smile due to kind people. We are so grateful to Ambulance Wish Foundation for making Mario’s wish come true!

When shared on Facebook in 2014, Mario’s story went viral on social media. It was picked up by several media companies

and shared on popular websites and Twitter. It left a lot of people heartbroken and awed at the giraffes’ ability to sense Mario’s pain.

Animals can sense humans if they are in pain or they are suffering. They are really our true friends that always there for us to feel better.

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