Thousands of Cats in Alabama Were Rescued By A Cat Lover from Kill Shelters, illness and Injury.

Four years ago, Pat swift opened her home and heart to save cat and kittens in Phenix City in Alabama. Cats needs someone to save them from death humanely. With the creation of the Pat’s Rescue Cats , she rescued a thousands of cats and kittens from being marked to death because of illness and already crowded in shelters.

Photo: PatsRescueCats / Facebook

Pat brings cats home like her father did. They want to give them a safe place to heal their illness so the cats will get better and happy again. Every time Pat goes to the animal shelters, she doesn’t go there just to adopt them but she wants to give them a beautiful life to begin with. With her, sick and injured kitties get the love and support they so desperately need.

Photo: PatsRescueCats / Facebook

From saving a lot of cats, things also get expensive quickly. She needs help with vetting expenses and foods.

After cats were healed, She hopes that her neighbors will consider adopting a cat.

Photo: PatsRescueCats / Facebook

So if you want adopt or someone you know want’s to adopt cats just check her facebook page and look for Pat’s Swift or look for some of Pat’s Rescue Cats at the Auburn Petsmart every Saturday.

We can help Pat’s mission by cash donations and supplies they’ll be really appreciated and always needed. Hurry! Go check Pat’s facebook page for more information.

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