Elderly woman’s dyinɡ wish is to say Goodbye to her beloved cat…

If I were you, I will prepare some tissues before starting to read this article, because it will surely make you teared up.

Having a cat gives us joy and peace every time  we saw them. There are times when we are feeling so down and we saw their cute face right behind us makes us feel okay.

Same feels like this Elderly woman, While she’s having a hard time at the hospital all what she wants is too see her best friend Oliver! This orange tabby cat knew that their time was limited by the way he put  his head in elderly’s arm, but the smile on this woman’s face is so genuine, like it’s the best thing happened in her life because her wish has been granted which is to see her best friend Oliver and bring comfort to him in her final moments.

Having a cat really changed your life, the bond is unbreakable, even after death. We hope that when the time comes, Oliver and the Elderly woman will be reunited and live happily once again.

Don’t worry! Because Oliver will be in a good hands because Zellacat (the owner of the photo) said that those cats who left by their companions ends up in shelters.

What a heartbreaking story but it leaves lesson to us.

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